No guns of firearms, bows & arrows, air rifles, bb guns, paintball guns or other items generally considered as a weapon are permitted within the campground.

We are pet friendly, but may request loud or aggressive pets to be removed from the campground.

Do not nail or attach anything to trees or shrubs within the campground.

Be responsible and aware of your neighbors. While we have a very secluded and private setting, we ask that you maintain reasonable efforts to minimize impact on other guests. Decks may be built with restrictions, but require approval from management.

No outside storage boxes, coolers, or cabinets

No permanent construction is permitted.

All trailers and RV’s must meet Motor Vehicle standards, maintain current registration and insurance.

The dumpster is for Wilson Campground grounds keeping only. Do not place any personal items in or alongside the dumpster.

Please stay within the campground boundaries and do not go past any of the posted no trespassing signs. The Wilson Pond is not our property.

The Campground dumping station is located in the south field along Edgar Ln. 

We have several water stations available for fresh water. Please use water in a responsible manner. Water stations are only for filling containers to transport water to your site for use.  Do not use water points to bathe, wash dishes or clean anything.  

We permit small generators to be used between 12pm and 8pm. We recommend minimal use to maintain a quiet and peaceful environment.  Any noise complaints may result in revoking generator privileges.  All Wilson Campground tenants have a right to peace and quiet.

Please no alcoholic beverages or malt beverages shall be brought upon and consumed within the campground.

Campfires are the responsibility of the campers and must follow all local fire code and restrictions including burn bans if imposed.

Boats can be stored within the field at the north end of the campground.A separate waiver and registration is required for boat storage.  Please contact us for further details.